Friday, February 5, 2021

"Noir" - SRPP Psvane 12AU7 TII preamp


A new preamp all completed in record time. Should be I've probably made eight like this. Sounds detailed, laid back and smooth with the Psvane 12AU7 TIIs. Worked at first on.


Voltages are;

HT = 247V

bias = 2.44V

current = 5mA.


I'm using a Radi0kit external PS kit. Regulated 12V and electronically smoothed HT. Turn it up and it’s dead quiet no hum, buzz, crackle, snap or pop. Looks and sound extremely good. 

Alps pot on the output, Russian PIO output caps and SRPP topology. Metal film resistors. Wood cheeks have been finished with a finishing oil. They really have lifted.  Epoxy enamel paint on top of etching primer.

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