Friday, October 23, 2015

"Salix" - MC stage with Audio Note Tin foil caps

This build is very similar to the previous post in as much as construction is identical except Audio Note Tin foil caps are used in place of the AN Silver foils.

The AN caps are Tin foil with an Al clad outer. The leads are silver wire and the caps better priced compared with the Silver foil version. Once more Vishay resistor, Nichion electrolytic caps, solid copper high-end RCAs and a Hammond enclosure were used. All hook-up wire is silver plated fine copper and solder is WBT silver solder. The sliding lid is lined with bitumanised heavy Al foil to control resonance and vibration.

Construction is on Veri-board, there is a battery test point at the front and a soft blue "ON" led. Salix and Tengu have a Masonic relationship in the higher degrees.