Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Mirage" Class D 100Wpc power amp

It is one thing building power amps and preamps etc. as SS or valve based devices. It is so easy to slip into that very well known and well excepted mold. I have done so many times. But what about something a little more out of your comfort zone. And what about trusting an $AU32, 100Wpc pre-built amp module from the far east. Well? Well I did but only after a friend had already bought and built based on the same module.

Sure Electronics will ship a tiny (hand size) Class D amp module for the price of two fine beers. What you need to supply is 30VDC @ about 6 to 8A and something to put it in. My build is in a Jaycar 2U 19” rack enclosure which houses a 18V, 9A toroidal, rectifying and filter board and little else.  There are two selectable gold plated quality RCAs on the back and 4oz solid brass knob at the front. One input allows direct connection to the module the other via attenuator. This way the amp can be used as a power amp or have the ability to control volume levels. The sound is very crisp, bright and detailed. It grows on you.