Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"retro-6J6Pro" -Oatley tube headphone amp with OPTs

Once more another tube headphone amp from Oatley. The last two have been mounted on bread boards to show off the "pretty" and extensive PCB. This time into a pro 2U 19" rack mount enclosure. There are two inputs on the rear which are auto exclusive. If there is an input in the phone jack the RCAs are switched out and if there is no phone connection the RCAs are active. This ensures only one source is active at anyone time. Tubes are GE NOS, socket ceramic and caps Polies.

To help keep costs down a basic stereo pot is used but to ensure clean quiet power a RFI/EMI filter is on the mains. The enclosure is earthed and fused. The power cable fixed. The output phone jack is on the front. Not often included here is an inside image.

The sound, as with the others, is enjoyable, quiet with moderate gain. I listen extensively with Sennheiser 700s and enjoyed the experience.