Sunday, March 7, 2021

Altec/FaitalPro and Ploycone woofer speakers


Initially I was asked to make an amp to work with some speakers. It turned out I made a whole system for the customer;- tube preamp, 300/500W SS amp, Xover and speakers. Boxes were supplied along with woofers (polycones) I recommended. Boxes are 170ltr, Dacron lined. The woofers are 95db efficient and the Faital compression drivers 109. I had to pad down the horns (Altec 511B) 14db. Xover at 1100hz and 3rd order on the horns and 2nd on the woofer. Owner to paint boxes.

The sound is a little forward but pleasantly so and the woofers are flat to 30Hz. Fs for this inexpensive efficient woofer is 25Hz. Bass is tight but with the speakers closer to the wall bass will lift a bit and sound even fuller. Very transparent sound driven by the Holton based amp.