Thursday, April 16, 2015

180W Tripath Class D power amp - Audiophile strength

Here is my 4th Class D amp in the last few months based on the hifimediy Eastern Audio Technologies T4 amp module. It is claimed to produce 180W pc into 8ohms at extremely low levels of THD. And is very Tripath. Where this module shines above the rest is crow-bar speaker protection built on the PCB, no fan (apart from me) high grade audiophile components (M-Caps, big chokes, Panasonic, Wima etc) and the glorious ability to accept DC or AC. Yes a full rectification network on board.

For me the way to squeeze the best out of the "Ds" is to feed them a big robust DC PS. I used an Altronics 500VA 30 + 30 toroid and capable of a 16A delivery. Through a rec bridge into a 15,000uf filter cap and snubbed with a 10uf 100V poly which itself is snubbed by a 0.1uf 630V poly. 

As usual with all my amps and most preamps I install a RFI\EMI power filter and choke the power cord. A Jaycar 2U 19" Black Stipple finish rack mount enclosure and the faint amber LED dress the device. Where I cut lose on this build is the super heavy, insulated speaker binding posts at the back and also solid copper premium RCAs. The amp has two selectable inputs. I wanted this to be an Audiophile strength build so the heavier binding posts and to cement that desire I called this one "Audiophile". There is also a 28 step, step attenuator and 4oz solid brass knob.

Only a few hours on the new baby so a way to go but good stereo imaging, great sound stage and excellent transparency. Good so far hoping to get even better in the next few months.