Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Merlot - Diode Rectification Module

As with all retro-thermionic amplifier sections each part is modularised but no module contains any wire other than the component wire. The Diode Rectification Module is a full wave rectifier employing the centre tap of the large power transformer. A large 10H choke is also used as part of the rectifying and power smoothing network. When a large choke is used to reduce hum and noise in the amplifier smaller filtering capacitors can be used. Smaller power capacitors produce a better detailed mid-range this is one of the better traits of a SE UL design.

Wiring between modules is of the free style method. Copper hook-up wire runs the shortest and safest path to the next module. Internal wiring is loosely banded together for safety and to ensure minimum cross talk. By using the shortest wiring path, total signal path length is kept to a minimum.

I can provide these rectifier modules, or any other of the retro-thermionic modules, for the individual who would like to assemble their own valve amp. E-mail me for a quote.