Monday, March 28, 2011

Shiraz-Silver Dragon 300B

Above is the most expensive amp I have ever made. This is only the amp section. The PS is separate. The parts alone came to AU$3.5K

The amp has been designed from the ground up by an American Electronics engineer. The components were selected by the future owner of the amp and the task of acquiring those components and assembling the amps fell to me. The power transformer was wound to our specifications locally in southern Victoria and the base made from Mirbeu timber.

The paint on the top and bottom plates is "Woodlands Grey" epoxy enamel and has been selected to compliment and contrast against the black OPTs. Gold coloured brass cones support the amp on thick brass pads and add to the look and performance of the amp as a whole. The chrome enhancements on the top plate are really just for show but may also add weight to the top plate and dampened resonances.