Wednesday, June 5, 2013

retro-34UL - Signature EL34

This amp is my new EL34 the "retro-34UL", Signature EL34 amp. On early listening the amp sounds fast, crisp and SS like. A very natural sounding amp. Valve compliment is NOS Svetlana EL34 and Svetlana 6N1P. Edcor GXSE 6omh ultra-linear OPTs and 10H choke and power tranni are Hammond. Inter-stage caps are Jensen copper, paper and oil with pure silver leads. Biploar caps are used as bypass caps on the EL34s with ceramic sockets for the audio tubes. Rectifier valve is a Golden Dragon 5U4. OPTs are rubber mounted.

Top plate is ABS plastic and base Australian Spotted Gum (oiled). Feet are filled with lead sinkers and rubber glue, silver solder and and silver plated wire used throughout. Topology is Single-end Ultra-linear.