Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stereo 12" sub-woofers

These 60ltr sub-woofers were built to complement my 2-way speakers "VoXDeuX". The drivers are 12" polycones with a free air resonance of 25hz. In the box they go down to 31hz where they are very active. The drivers are very efficient and are being powered by a compact 50W Class D amplifier. A stereo feed is taken from the preamp and passed through an electronic filter. The filter has a -3db point of 52hz and but employs only a -12db slope.

The internals of the box comprise of six vertical braces. Bitumanised heavy Al foil covers most surfaces. Pockets and chambers are formed at the rear by the bracing which carries additional dampening. These are then covered by a single layer of damping. This forms a number of air and dampening layers. With a gentle roll-off and the ability to control the volume of the sub-woofer's integration with VoXDeuX has been reasonably easy. The sub-woofers have been called "VoXItBassO" meaning voiced in the bass region.