Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"VoXDeuX65" - 2-Way with 6.5" woofer\mid and Isodynamic ribbon tweeter

Building on the success of VoXDeuX, my first inexpensive 2-ways, comes VoXDeuX65 and goes to the next level of sonic delivery. These new 2-ways still pertain to the original idea of being inexpensive speakers but always with the ideal of excellent sound. And they have. 20ltr, 18mm MDF boxes with once more the well worked vertical bracing. There is a bass trap chamber formed to one side of the box designed to hold rear reflection and make the box look bigger and better dampened but not to dull the sound. Box weight is 11.2kg. Xover is at 2,350Hz and is a 12db slope. Speaker effciency is about 87db.

The brighter, zingier. treble crystallizes the sound stage and puts a fine, bright edge on the overall sound. Music has better weight with the bigger driver and added with the brighter treble demands to be listened to. I like the sound of these new boxes. I really like it.