Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Paris" - 6EM7 Dual Mono 2W Integrated amp.

In this construction, "Paris", is a dual mono build. The preamp tube at the front of the amp is the only shared tube. Each channel has its own power transformer, 5Y3 rectifier tube, choke and 6EM7 tube. The transformers are rubber mounted, sockets are ceramic and an Alps Blue Velvet pot attenuates the output from the preamp section. A power filter and Edcor 15W OPTs in the base. A black chrome 4oz brass knob adds to the look and feel of the amp. The colour is called Sungold but some may say yellow. Paris contains two signal caps sets which can be switched between.

Two selectable inputs grace the back plate. This is a true integrated amp with a 4S Universal preamp section. Any 12A?? tube can be used for the preamp allowing the user to customise the "tone" of the amp. Sprague poly caps are used in the signal path. Power output is about 2.5W. Only sensitive speakers should be used. It has the best mid-range detail I have ever heard in any amp.