Friday, February 13, 2015

"ROBUSTO" - 500W Class D power amp

After completing a 100W Class D amp and enjoying the sound thought I would try a more powerful one. What I did find with the 100W version is when called on to go loud, on my medium efficiency speakers, the amp sounded harsh. This is not the case with this new amp. It will play extremely loud with no strain or harshness. The 500W Sure Electronics module will produce 200W into an 8ohm load.

In this build I have used 2 X 300W power transformers and 40,000uf of storage capacitance. The power supply can deliver 16A! The enclosure is a 2U 19" rack mount and the amp weighs 10kg. This is the most detailed amp I have ever built heard or built and produces the sharpest imaging imaginable. Decay and reverb go on forever and bass and treble are extremely well delivered.