Monday, November 23, 2009

Twinings/Jensen Tea Box Preamp

Jensen copper, paper and oil capacitors from Denmark, large and all as they are, fill the small timber Twinings Tea box preamplifier. Two preamp component-2-component modules are joined to the input and output gold RCA connections via pure silver wire. The wire is prepared by covering pure silver wire with heat shrink. French Solen capacitors form part of the feed back network. Both capacitors have pure silver leads. Expensive components to produce a very natural sounding, high detail valve preamplifier.

The timber enclosure is lined with bituminous Al foil. Alps attenuator is topped off with a heavy 4oz solid brass knob. An external valve rectified power supply delivers a very quiet 260 volts to the Tea Box components. Golden Dragon 12AX7 valves are installed but any similar valve can take its place. A truly unique preamplifier and part of the retro-thermionic range.