Sunday, November 26, 2017

Xover with ferrite choke and PIO cap

After experimenting with different Xover points, with my high efficiency Beyma speakers (VoXGrandious), I finally settled on 1100Hz. Also I went back to a first order Xover. I wound the choke on high frequency ferrite as a short rod. This allows the use of heavier wire and reduced turns compared with air core. The cap is a PIO Russian Military cap with another PIO across it. Total inductance is 1.16mH and total capacitance is 4.47uf into 32ohms (tweeter and limiting resistor).

VoXGrandious is a very dynamic speaker typical of most high efficiency drivers. I found that by using Ist order Xover I could hear the greatest dynamics. Also the PIO cap presented the clearest and most dynamic treble. All Cat5 wire used with heavy brass and gold binding posts.