Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Intermezzo" - 1920 UX-171-A power amp

This amp uses the UX-171-A 1920s tube (matched pairs) which are rare and produce only 1/2W. There are no resistors or capacitors in the audio cct. a Hammond 124B nickel core inter-stage trannie couples to the power tube. Edcor 10W OPTs in the metal case. Bias is provided by 3 X 9V batteries and 230VHT by two step-down trannies on in reverse. The rec tube is a very old "80". PS filtering under the top plate (ply timber). The base will house the power trannies and is a 1940s wooden pot stand. The amp sounds excellent but I have other tubes (Silver Dragon) which sound better with more power.

I have named the amp "Intermezzo". You build an amp like this because you want to use very old and excellent sounding tubes. This detracts in no way from the overall sound which is transparent, soft sounding and musical. Easy to listen to and when matched to a pair if speakers like the Fostex FE206 based dual chambered boxes you have more than enough volume and a unique setup.