Friday, March 23, 2018

"Mimic - Carbon II"

On commission this "Delicious Red" Mimic Carbon II was born. Staying with an earlier formula of 1/4W carbon resistors and poly caps. Fashioning my own cct. brds. from Vero-brd a more compact Mimic can be made. Large polies on the output where the standard design suggests NP caps. Also polies used in the EQ network. Once more the differential PS is built on the same cct. brd. A really excellent MM phono preamp.

The enclosure is cast Al primed and sprayed Delicious Red. Epoxy paint may take some time to dry but the finished is illustrious, lush and tough. Heavy gold plated RCAs provide connection to the outside world. Silver plated wire-wrap wire is use for hookup WBT silver (4%) solder glues the few parts together. Bituminised heavy Al lines part of the base to control resonance and two 9V power the unit. Battery test point up front. As usually an OPA2134 OPAMP does the grunt work on a mil spec socket.

Probably the best sounding I have made to date. Sounded so good with my Garrott K3 I really didn't want to orphan it to its new owner. All I can do is make another.