Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Be Bamp with KT120 Tung-Sol tubes

The KT88 Be Bamp is an excellent sounding amp and if taken no further would satisfy most audiophiles. But the Be Bamp with KT120 valves, replacing the KT88s, just takes excellence to a new level.

In previous iterations of the Be Bamp improvements were made to bass response and over all musical weight. Now with the replacement of the KT88s with the over-size KT120s so much more of the music is presented to the listener. Mid range and bass have lifted and the treble has received extra air.

Now bass is extended and controlled, mids are crisper, brighter and better defined and treble just a hint airier. Power has increased in the amp and though efficient speakers and still required to obtain voluminous listening levels, greater musical weight is heard right across the audio spectrum.

Classical, Opera, Jazz and other genera are brought into the listening area with greater presence than previously felt. Emotion from each track, weather CD of vinyl, is embraced with greater immediacy. Detail is better etched into the sound stage and the sound stage deeper than before. Simply a better audio amplifier from retro-thermionic.