Monday, November 9, 2009

Twinings Tea Box Preamp

Twinings Tea Box preamps are genuinely made from Twinings Tea boxes. Four fine and lightly scented teas come with the well presented box. Though the box timber is light weight and velvet lined, the adding of bituminous Al foil to the inside increases box weight and provides a RFI and EMI shielding.

No screws scar the the timber box top by the use of internal adhesive "stand offs" to mount the component boards. The two circuit boards are component-2-component wired. In a preamplifier, keeping the signal path as short as possible is essential. Only clean DC power enters the preamplifier section. With a remote power supply and valve rectification a very quite and detailed sound reproduction can be ensured. Not to mention the addition of a very cool looking timber preamplifier.