Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fostex FE206En drivers in dual bass chamber box

I had the boxes made some years back with no idea what I was to do with them. When I went back to 2 Channel theater with a 3.5W 6EM7 integrated amp (Paris) I knew they would be perfect around my new 46" LED TV and Oppo BDP-93 blue ray player. The finish is satin black stipple and the grills are held in place with four rare earth button magnets. Easy to pop on and off. The stipple effect was produced with a roller going over the fresh paint a number of times as it dried. The drivers huge magnets have bitumanised Al foil dampening attached and the internal wiring is two stands of lightly twisted wire wrap wire to each binding post.

The top chamber is lined (but not stuffed) with Dacron but the bottom chamber is empty. There is no Xover in these full range speakers. Efficiency is 96db at 8ohms impedance so they work well with flea power tube amps. Sitting higher than the tweeter (wizzer cone) the sound is quite natural with just a touch of forwardness in the mid-range. The speakers not only look stunning they sound excellent for a $500 spend.