Friday, July 22, 2016

"Mimic - S" - custom built phono preamp

"Mimic - S" combines a lot of the SE upgrades with better RCAs and better internal poly caps. As usual silver plated copper wire is used for hookup and WBT silver solder. For this custom build the customer wanted two inputs and the ability to switch from MM to MC on the fly. This build does all of that. The top switch selects the different inputs and the bottom MM/MC.

Once more this simple OPAMP based phono stage sounds very good. It sounded especially good with my direct drive TT and MM Garrett Brothers K2 cart. Running on 3 X 9V batteries ensures dead quiet operation with about 100hours operation between charges.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Crackatowoa - Bottle Heads Grand headphone amp!

Once more I have assembled a Bottlehead headphone amp for someone else. I really don't mind, no outlay only my time. This has to be the top of the range. Others I have assembled are of a smaller kits. Two big cct. brds. and two valve regulators.  The overall sound is absolutely excellent. If you intend to purchase a Bottlehead amp, get this one.