Sunday, November 22, 2009

Twinings Tea Box Preamp PS and 5Y3

Fortunately I have been able to acquire a number of Australian made rectifier tubes. This one being a 5Y3. When purchased today a much difererent looking tube. The 5Y3 and 5U4G(s) I now own are all in excellent working conditon. Most looking at 50 years of age with many years of service behind them.

If any single component is going to make an impact on the overall sound eminating from your speakers, it is your preamp. Many hard core audiophiles "roll" (change) thier rectifier valves to change the tonal balance and voicing of their system. This may engender a more natural and sonic balance.

Well aged Australian made valves and exceptional sounding Danish capacitors, in a light timber box, with a remote valve rectified power supply. Not only good sounding but who else has one. retro-thermionic.