Thursday, April 23, 2020

"Continuum" - E88CC Gold Lion SRPP preamp

I had bought four Gold Lion E88CC gold pin tubes for another who had one of my tube preamps and wanted to upgrade it. They decided not to upgrade and I got stack with the tubes. They remained unopened  for the last 25 years until a few days back. I had most parts on hand to build a whole preamp from scratch and use these very nice tubes. And here it is. Colour is Deep Indian Red epoxy. Sound is full bodied and appears very balanced top to bottom.


  • Hammond wood cheek chassis
  • Ceramic sockets
  • Silver plated fine copper hookup wire
  • Russian PIO output caps.
  • External DC PS
  • WBT silver solder
  • Alps Blue Velvet pot
  • Vintage style Vernia gold knob
  • Two selectable inputs
  • 4uf PIO final HT cap internal to the preamp
  • Low ESR BP Ck
  • Metal film resistors
  • DC on heaters.