Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Arabella" - 6EM7 amplifier on Acacia

Inspired to create by the sight of a beautiful Acacia chopping board I constructed this 6EM7 power amp. To hide the wiring and smaller components underneath a shallow Al skirt was fashioned. Larger power supply components are housed in a small enclosure at the rear which supports RCAs and binding posts. The amp sits on three polished brass cones.

  The OPTs are Edcor GXSE, power transformer and 20H choke, Hammond. The valves are NOS AWA 6EM7 from Holland and the rectifier tube, 5Y3. Arabella only produces a few watts of power but has a clear and open sound. The amp is dead quiet due to the large choke and two stage filtering. This is not only a beautiful looking amp but a beautiful sounding amp.


head1962 said...

Hi, look nice.
I have build dozens of 6EM7 amps, love them!
what does the diagram look like?
how much power can you get out of them?
thanks for letting me know

retro-thermionic said...

To find the full schematic and information behind my three 6EM7 amps you will have to visit diyaudioprojects.com. You will need to register but it is a good site with a lot of projects posted.

I get about 1.5W from my 6EM7s before the sine wave starts to mis-shape. Theoretically they should develop about 2.5W with low distortion.