Friday, August 28, 2015

"Mimic - SE" MM phono preamp

See previous posts for the original "Mimic" which is Bruce Heron's (Oddwatt) OPAMP based MM phono preamp. What makes this a Special Edition (SE)? From the images above you will see Solen (French) caps which are on the output replacing cheaper NP electrolytics and from the rear high quality gold plated RCAs now replace the lighter versions. Once more WBT silver based solder has been used and silver plated fine copper wire for hook-up. This is consistent with the "Bourbon" build matching hook-up wire and solder employed. A battery test point is provided at the front.

The enclosure is the same as before and now matches perfectly the Boozhound Labs based MC preamp. As usual the enclosure is bitumanised heavy Al lined. I matched the exterior look of both phono preamps to make them appear as a matched pair. I am now taking orders!!.


Anonymous said...

how can I order this one?

changwonlee said...

how can I order this preamp?