Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"VoXDeuX" - Inexpensive two-way speakers

Though the components in this pair of speakers are quite inexpensive and bought from the local electronics store, their performance is anything bit "cheap". They compare or even outperform my $AU1,300 KEF iQ30s with their Al cones and teardrop shape. The woofer\mid is 5" shielded paper cone driver and the tweeter a 1" silk dampened driver. A 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley Xover is used to split the incoming signal at 3KHz. Bi-Wiring is supported from the external Xover right through to the speakers. Chokes are air core and caps high voltage metalized polypropylene. Speaker efficiency is about 87db.

Under test these small boxes went down to 50Hz (in room) with still good bass energy at 40Hz. The port on the back is only a few centimeters wide and deep but becomes very active from 40 to 50Hz. Voice sounds natural and highs mellow and extended. Ideal for classical music or laid-back jazz or string vocal tracks.

The finish is something I have developed myself. The stippling effect comes from using a roller to roll on a heavy paint layer then tease out the stippling with many semi-dry roller applications. The finish is light and acoustically non-reflective adding to the sound quality of these speakers.


Anonymous said...

How did you make the boxes?
& are they dimensioned for the mid/woof? or just what you had around?


retro-thermionic said...

Anonymous: I feed the woofer\mid driver parameters into a web site which gave me box volume (12L) and port dimensions. Because I was adding vertical bracing in the box and additional dampening I made the boxes 15L, port unchanged. These sound so good my audiophile friends suggest I sell my $4500 3-ways speakers and just use VoXDeuX.

Dinesh said...

Mark, you have the ability to transform cheap things into magic!