Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6SN7 remote driver stage for the Be Bamp

Having the flexibility to change driver stages allows many different types of valves to use with the Be Bamp KT120 power section. The original 6N1P drivers stage can easily be unplugged and other suitable drivers stages plugged in. The power amp does not have to be turned off but the amp is placed in stand-by.

This stage is based on the 6SN7 twin triode valve. It is an extremely popular valve used by audio craftsman. The valve sits atop and a small metal enclosure. The base is sprayed with an epoxy enamel paint and the finish is hammered copper. Once again Russian military paper, foil and oil inter-stage and low ESR capacitors are used.

There is no hook-up wire or PCBs. used and once more component-2-component wiring is employed. The driver stage is compact and attractive and brings a whole new sound scape to the Be Bamp.

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