Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Remote driver stage for Bread Board amplifier

To increase the volume level of the Bread Board amp (Be Bamp), else where on this bLog, a driver stage was built. This is the original cct. used in the Merlot amps with some components upgraded. The is no volume control or input cap and pure silver wire used in the signal path.

The Be Bamp can deliver full volume to the point of clipping. Well short of clipping a high volume level can be obtained with large 91db sensitive 3-way tower speakers. The over-all sound of the system, which also combines a two stage valve preamp, is extremely musical. The sound is very transparent with good bass extension and weight, broad well imaged sound stage and natural tones of voice and instruments.

With the driver stage being remote other driver stages can be matched to the power stage and share the power supply. This provides another level of experimentation and flexibility with the over-all system.

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