Monday, November 30, 2009

Merlot - rear panel

The rear of the Merlot amplifier carries all connections. These include: two switchable RCA inputs, speaker binding posts which will take spades, banana plugs or captured wire, power cord outlet, fuse and on/off switch. The Merlot can be configured for 11oV. A standby switch is atop the the amplifier. This allows you to switch off the high tension but leave the heaters on for immediate listening, during short breaks. This saves power and stops cathode stripping by applying the HT after the tubes have warmed.


Dan said...

What is the small toggle for ?? (near the RCA inputs)

Suncalc said...

Whenever I use a standby switch I always struggle with where to put it on the amp. It usually ends up next to the main power switch which can lead to confusion later on when powering up the amp.

I really like the idea of putting the main power switch on the back by the fuse and power cord and putting the standby switch up top of the amp. This way there is never any confusion regarding which is which.

Nice design.